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How To Structure A Good Essay

Essays are something that you need regardless of your career be it as a student or as an employee who needs to write a reason why they have to take a leave (should it be asked) or an employer writing official documents. Which is why you need to understand that being able to structure a good essay is an essential part of your academic or non-academic life and to aid you with that, here are some steps to properly structure your work:

  1. Pick a topic

The first thing you have to do is to pick a topic. Choosing a topic from essay kitchen will help you understand how to revolve the entirety of the essay on the topic you choose. This will also help you be more specific on what resources you have to search for and tell you whether or not this specific topic can be something you can do, especially as an undergraduate student.

  1. Prepare an outline

Preparing an outline for your essay will help how the essay should be done including organization of topics into the introduction, body, and conclusion. Not only that,  the outline will even help you understand the limitations on what you can and cannot write in the paper to make sure that your content is on point and does not stray away from the main point.

  1. Write the thesis statement

The core of your paper lies within your thesis statement since it explains what your essay revolves in and how you should write it apart from the outline. Essentially, you will be able to write your thesis statement using the main ideas written in your outline and should be divided ino two parts:

  1. The first part should be able to state your topic
  2. The second part should state the point of your entire essay
  3. Write the body

The body of your paper explains the topic as well as makes an argument to prove it. For every main idea that you have in the outline or diagram, which ever works for you,  they will be divided into each paragraph for the essay.

  1. Write the introduction

You may wonder why this is not the first step; however, once you have written the introduction and body then it is the time for you to write the introduction since it will be much easier for you to make it at this point due to the number of presented information you can work your introduction around with.

To write the introduction, you can start off with something that grabs the reader’s attention such as dialogue, a story or even shocking information. Whatever type of introduction you choose, always make sure that it is correlated with the thesis statement no matter how amusing the fact is such as how much hair a woman has on her forehead if your topic is about endangered Calanoid species in Vietnam.

  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion generally summarizes your topic overall and this is your only chance to give your final perspective which includes limitations of your study or recommendations for future work. This part of the essay should only be limited to three to five sentences in one paragraph.

Once you’re done with your essay, simply review and make final edits on it.

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